What is PAPERTR for?

Since the 2000’s Turkiye became a hub point mainly for hygienic paper & tissue paper production. Finished & semi-raw materials, tissue & hygienic businesses grew like a mushroom organization in the region.

Currently, Turkiye has 100% virgin tissue production capacity of more than 1.000.000MT/annum, and locally, around 450.000MT/annum is consumed. The rest is the idle capacity or export value which we underline deeply.

Turkiye has logistics advantages of being outlined in the middle of Asia – Europe - Middle East – Russia. This also helps during the delivery continuum and the lead times. You can benefit from PaperTR’s great location but that is not all. All of our tissue mills are equipped with high-technology machinery and 80% of the mills are established in the past 6 years.

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PaperTR is an organization that is established to serve & present with all the aforementioned advantages, such as competitive pricing, high-quality & technology-based manufacturing and logistics opportunities for customers located all around the world.

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PaperTR is an international supplier specialized in the tissue industry. We supply our clients with top-quality grades of tissue jumbo rolls.

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PaperTR will help your business grow and achieve higher profit margins with a realible service.

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Our experienced team is qualified to handle all your requirements including import/export protocols, transportation, documentation, after-sales, and many other sales services.

Semi - Finished Products

Among many of our provided services, semi-finished tissue paper products are the most popular ones. For, tissue jumbo rolls are EMIRSON’s most exported commodity.

Our tissue jumbo rolls are manufactured by using 100% pure cellulose, recycled, mix or coloured pulp, depending on the choice of the customer. The production is made in high-tech equipped paper mills, in Turkiye, and then shipped to tissue paper converters located all around the world. There are many types of tissue jumbo rolls available for tissue converting companies producing various tissue paper products.

We have established a business partnership with more than 40 tissue paper companies. We are proud to be serving the tissue paper industry with a wide range of product list for over a decade.

Finished Products

PaperTR oversees the entire process, from tissue production to finished products. Our production chain complies with the sustainability principles that are the basis of PaperTR's common value creation system.

Our mission is to detect and develop innovative products through multiple channels. A nature-friendly production process is our priority. Responsible sourcing of forest-based raw materials, wisely use of water, reduction of climate-altering gas emissions are few of our nature-friendly acts.

PaperTR is here to serve your AFH and Consumer tissue paper needs. We are on duty to provide you with the best tissue paper products. PaperTR is by your side with our many years of experience in raw material and tissue export.


This is the team behind all the work! PaperTR’s team is a carefully selected community of the bests in the field. Because we are dedicated to provide you with the best service. We are here for you from the very first step to the last.

Our expertise is to produce optimum solutions according to the personal needs and requests of our customers. Our team has a professional sales department with Russian, English, Arabic, Romanian, French, and Chinese speakers.

We are here to support you and the production process step by step with a solution-oriented planning team that would not let you or your production down. Our logistics team is always ready to support the shipment process in the best and fastest way. This team that always aims to act professionally and responsibly is here for you.


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