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This Information Note was issued by Emirson Global Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti. (“PaperTR”) acting as the data processor, for the purpose of informing the customers/users of PaperTR and providing them with clarification on processing of their personal data in compliance with the Law no. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data (“Law”).You can reach detailed information on processing of your personal data that you share with Paper Tr under Personal Data Protection and Processing Policy at (PDP Policy).

1. The Purpose of Processing of Personal Data

Your personal data collected by PaperTR will be processed in line with the following objectives in compliance with the personal data processing conditions and objectives specified in Articles 5 and 6 of the Law.

Efforts within the scope of planning and performing necessary activities for offering and promotion of products and services provided by PaperTR by customizing them according to tastes, habits and needs of target individuals;

• Planning and/or performing customer/user satisfaction activities
• Planning and/or performing market research activities for selling and marketing of products and services
• Planning and/or performing marketing processes of products and/or services
• Planning and/or performing related processes for obtaining the highest benefit from products or services provided by PaperTR

Within the scope of our business units making necessary efforts to have related individuals benefit from products and services offered by PaperTR and carrying out of these business processes;

• Planning and/or performing sales processes of products and/or services
• Planning and/or performing post-sales support activities
• Planning and/or performing management processes for customer/user relations
• Handling customer/user demands and/or complaints
• Following up contractual procedures and/or legal requests

Within the scope of providing legal, technical and commercial business protection for PaperTR and individuals who are in business relations therewith;

• Planning and/or performance of PaperTR audits
• Planning and performance of operational activities necessary for the organization of the activities of PaperTR in accordance with company procedures and/or relevant legislation
• Providing security for PaperTR’s operations
• Ensuring that data is accurate and up-to-date
• Providing authorities with information in accordance with the relevant legislation

Within the scope of performance of necessary activities by our relevant business units and carrying out business processes related to performance of commercial activities carried out by PaperTR;

• Planning, supervising and performance of information security processes
• Installment and management of information technologies infrastructure
• Monitoring finance and/or accounting processes
• Monitoring legal processes
• Planning and/or performance of the efficiency/productivity and/or appropriateness analysis for business activities
• Planning and conducting business activities
• Planning and performing corporate communication activities
• Planning and performance of logistics activities
• Planning and performance of production and/or operation

Within the scope of planning and performance of commercial and/or business strategies of PaperTR;

• Management of relationships with business partners and/or suppliers
• Performance of strategic planning activities
• Planning and monitoring of performance rating processes of business partners and / or suppliers

2. Parties Entitled to Receive Personal Data and the Purpose of Transfer

Your personal data collected by PaperTR may be shared withEmirson Global Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti., which we are affiliated to, as well as our affiliates, shareholders, business partners (only on unanimous basis), legally authorized public entities, individuals and other persons, under the conditions and objectives of personal data processing specified in Articles 8 and 9 of the Law, with the objective of having our business units perform necessary works and for performance of related business processes with respect to planning and conducting business and/or business strategies of PaperTR and for carrying out necessary business activities by our related business units, carrying out business activities performed by PaperTR and carrying out related business processes, for providing legal, technical and commercial business protection, for carrying out the work required by our business units to the benefit persons involved in the products and services offered by PaperTR.

3. Method and Legal Basis of Collecting Personal Data

Your personal data is collected by PaperTR via electronic media, including e-mail, related internet sites and mobile applications, via social media accounts that you have allowed PaperTR’s access and/or through call center. Your personal data may also be processed and shared in accordance with the conditions and objectives of personal data processing as set forth in Articles 5 and 6 of the Law and in line with the legal grounds and objectives specified in Articles 1 and 2 of this Information and Consent Note.

4. Personal Data Processed by PaperTR in Accordance with Your Express Consent and the Objectives of Processing

PaperTR will process the following personal data for the purposes set out below, within the scope of express consent given with your acceptance of this Information and Consent Note.
• Your personal identity data, contact data, customer data and customer processing data as well as your marketing data that you have shared with PaperTR within the scope of your legal relations therewith, may be processed and shared with the objective of planning and performing marketing processes of products and services offered to you, and planning and performing of related processes to obtain the highest benefit from the products and services offered by the company, including instant e-mail notices sent by PaperTR; targeting, profiling and analysis based on user habits; offering discounted campaigns; offering customized contents; digital marketing, re-marketing, advertising; evaluation, analysis and optimization activities related to advertisements directed to you within the scope of planning and developing processes related to the business and strategies of PaperTR, for the purpose of conducting market surveys within the context of planning and conducting market research activities with respect to the above.

5. Rights of Personal Data Owner

Within the scope of Article 11 of the Law, you will be entitled to the following as a personal data owner:
• Learning whether your personal data is being processed,
• Requesting information about the manner of process if your personal data has been processed,
• Learning the purpose of processing of your personal data and whether it were processed appropriately for the intended purpose,
• Learning the third parties located in Turkey and abroad to whom your personal data was transferred,
• Requesting for correction of your personal data if it is incomplete or incorrectly processed and requesting that third parties be notified of the process carried out in this context,
• Requesting that your personal data be deleted or destroyed in the event that the reasons for its processing have ended, despite the fact that it has been processed in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 6698 and other related laws and request that the process carried out in this context be notified to third parties,
• Objecting to any negative consequence of your personal data being analyzed exclusively through automated systems,
• Claiming compensation for your losses if you suffer any due to violation of the Law in processing of your personal data.
As personal data owners, you may submit your request for your rights to PaperTR by means of the methods specified in PaperTR Protection of Personal Data and Processing Policy at According to the nature of the order, PaperTR will conclude the claim free of charge as soon as possible and in any case within not later than thirty days. However, if the procedure incurs additional costs, PaperTR reserves the right to charge fees at the rate determined by Personal Data Protection Board.




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